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Tompkins Learning Partners (TLP) To Hold Sixth Annual Finger Lakes Crossword Competition

This event--the cruciverbalist event of the season--is an important fundraiser for TLP, a Literacy New York affiliated non-profit organization, which provides literacy tutoring, free of charge, for over 100 adults in the community

Literacy Leads to Long Life

Syracuse literacy advocate Ruth Johnson Colvin was named to the National Women's Hall of Fame in 1993 and awarded of the Presidential Medal of Freedom by former President George W. Bush in 2006.

E-Mail Anxiety

How can we handle the never ending emails? From our dear friend Vu Le at Nonprofit Absolutely Festive. He always has an entertaining perspective!

Literacy & Workforce Needs

We have all seen cities across the US scramble to show themselves off to Amazon. What city doesn’t want 50,000 jobs, right?

How to Make Giving Easy for Your Donors

For years, consumers have been buying products online through the experience provided to them by big brands.

Incentivizing Marketing Behavior in Your Staff

As a nonprofit leader, you should always be attempting to optimize your staff’s behavior so that you can maximize your impact while keeping your costs low.

Men Shun Adult Literacy Classes In Malawi

Why does this have anything to do with me? You are probably wondering that, aren’t you?

About that Newsletter

There are dozens of articles out there on how to create a non-profit newsletter.

Happy Holidays from Literacy New York

On behalf of LNY, Happy Holidays to our family—our providers, tutors, students, supporters and friends.

New Theories About Literacy Acquisition Surprise Practitioners

A recent New York Times article, How to Get Your Mind to Read, challenges long held theories about literacy education, calling for a change in literacy instruction.

Career Pathways: From Adult Education to College: Success Factors, Challenges, and Tools

***While New York State uses the TASC as a measure of High School Equivalency, this article is relevant to adult literacy providers***

Turning Volunteers Into Donors

Your best donors might be right in front of you. Research shows that people who volunteer are more likely to donate money to your organization than those who don’t.

Free Webinar For Adult Educators

"Developing College and Career Readiness with Paired Reading"

Friday, November 29th from 2:00 - 3:00PM EST

Nonprofit Salaries

Well, if you are reading this and are currently working at a literacy organization—or other nonprofit—you know that we are usually underpaid! Sad, but true.

Language Lessons

Learning English is a challenge—and literacy groups that provide this service know that it requires time and patience.

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