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  • 3.9 million New Yorkers lack high school diplomas and/or have limited English language skills
  • 25% of adults in New York State are considered ‘low literate’
  • 22% risk unemployment, poverty, health issues and incarceration due to low literacy


Literacy New York is a non-profit organization that has been tirelessly tackling the adult literacy issue for nearly 50 years, helping improve the lives of thousands of New Yorkers in the process. Evidence has shown that 100 hours of basic literacy instruction translates into a $10,000 increase in annual income. It is literally life-changing.

To encourage New Yorkers to help fix this state-wide issue, Literacy New York created the STOP READING CHALLENGE - a fun, eye-opening experience that will prove the importance of literacy, and prompt them to get involved in a small way:

We challenge New Yorkers to stop reading for 5 minutes!

It seems easy to not read, but it’s not. Everywhere you look there’s something with words on it. And you read them automatically…because you can.

This is how you can help.

  • Stop reading for just 5 minutes
  • Donate $5 to support adult literacy in NYS when you fail
  • Share a pic on social media and challenge your friends
  • Use #StopReadingChallenge
  • Tag us on
    Twitter @Literacy_NY
    Facebook @LiteracyNY
    Instagram @Literacy_NY
  • Find volunteer opportunities

To really make a difference, we need as many people as possible taking and sharing the challenge.

Will you help millions of New Yorkers learn to read?

All you need to do is help us get everyone else to stop.

Click Here to Take the Challenge!

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  • Key Bank's "You Are the Key" Photo Contest


Thank you Key Bank Foundation - Stop Reading Challenge Sponsor.

Thank you McGuire Development and LUSH - Stop Reading Challenge Partners.