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Advancing Adult Literacy in NY since 1974

In NYS, there are over

3.4 Million

Individuals who lack their HS Diploma, English
language proficiency, or both

News & Events

    August 18, 2020
    Tutor Training Awarded to YES!

    Literacy New York is pleased to announce that the Janice Cuddahee Fund is underwriting ten tutor training workshops for YMCA Educational Services (YES!) in New Orleans! YES! "teaches basic reading, math, writing, and beginning digital literacy skills to individuals aged 16 and up in the downtown New Orleans area who are disproportionately affected by poverty, poor health, and increased risk of incarceration," according to Andrea Gazaway, Coordinator of Instruction. This program fills an important need in its community, and the addition of evidence-based, quality tutor training will build the capacity of YES! to do even more.

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    August 5, 2020
    Catholic Charities Community Services in Yonkers, NY is Hiring!

    Catholic Charities Community Services in Yonkers, NY is Hiring! Catholic Charities Community Services in Yonkers, NY is hiring an ESOL Instructor and Program Support (Part Time) Summary: Catholic Charities Community Services' International Center provides educational programming for immigrants and refugees with the goal of improving learners' English proficiency and communication skills. The incumbent will develop, design and deliver thoughtful and effective ESOL classes for day laborers and their families at our agency office in Yonkers.

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    July 16, 2020
    Online Training for Citizenship Coaches!

    Literacy New York is excited to launch the newest training module in our Intake to Outcomes (I2O) online training platform: The Citizenship Coach! This workshop is designed to train tutors, small group leaders and teachers supporting students who are working toward US Citizenship. And participants can take the training from the comfort and safety of their own homes!

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40%of low-skilled Americans
have earnings in the bottom

fifth of the wage spectrum

On average, a
High School Graduate Lives 6 to 9yrs

longer than a dropout

In the last 30yrs
workers without a High School
Degree experienced an

18.5% decline in real earnings

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Resources and Stories

Trillions Lost in U.S. Due to Adult Literacy Rates

New Economic Study Finds the U.S. Could Be Losing $2.2 Trillion Annually Due to Low Adult Literacy Rates.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy just released this report that shows the impact of adult literacy on the U.S. economy. This report underscores the importance of basic skills education and the work of adult literacy providers, like those supported by Adult Literacy Education funding in New York State.

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COVID-19 and Adult Literacy

Our colleagues at ProLiteracy compiled this report, COVID-19 RAPID RESPONSE REPORT FROM THE FIELD

The report is based upon real-time information gathered from adult literacy organizations as they shifted to distance services due to the pandemic this spring. It also includes "Key Takeaways" that can help programs navigating this new world. Check it out!

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Welcome to Literacy New York

22% percent of New York State residents suffer needlessly from low literacy, severely limiting their quality of life and often leading to unemployment, poverty, health issues, and even incarceration.

We are here to help.

Literacy New York was founded on a vision and mission to serve adults and families most in need of literacy services.
Specifically, the Literacy New York mission is to increase the effectiveness of adult literacy practitioners and the capacity of programs so that adults, families, and communities reach their full potential.

Literacy New York's role is to:

  • Build the organizational capacity of adult literacy organizations by sharing expertise about funding and data management;
  • Offer state-of-the-art training for teachers, administrators, and volunteer tutors;
  • Advocate for adult literacy programs, particularly those that serve students with the most limited literacy skills and English language proficiency.
The overarching vision that drives all of our work is that:
In New York State and beyond, innovative adult literacy programs collaborate to meet the literacy needs of adult students in their communities.

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