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Building Literate Communities

In NYS, there are over

3.4 Million

Individuals who lack their HS Diploma, English
language proficiency, or both

News & Events

    February 14, 2020
    Congratulations to Gerard Place!

    Gerard Place has been awarded the National Federation for Just Communities of WNY award for "agency"-- congratulations! "The National Federation for Just Communities of Western New York is a human relations organization dedicated to overcoming racism, bias and bigotry through education, advocacy and engagement," and Gerard Place's award recognizes their commitment to these principles in their agency. See the full article here https://buffalonews.com/2020/02/12/just-communities-presents-2020-awards/ Literacy New York appreciates our connection to Gerard Place, and the agency's work in the Buffalo community.

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    February 10, 2020
    Advocating for Adult Literacy Programming

    Literacy New York, LiteracyCNY, and LV Rensselaer joined with 100 plus students and teachers from New York City to advocate for Adult Literacy Education at the NYS Capitol this week. Thanks to Senator Ramos, Assemblymember Kim, and Assemblymember Fahy for joining us in support of this valuable funding. And a big thanks to our colleagues from the NY City Coalition of Adult Literacy (NYCCAL) for bringing us all together!

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    January 28, 2020
    LNY Offers Mini-Grants to Volunteer Adult Literacy Programs Looking For Quality Tutor Training

    Thanks to supporters who helped create the "Janice Cuddahee Fund," Literacy New York (LNY) is pleased to announce that grants are available to help community-based literacy groups purchase LNY's online Intake to Outcomes (I2O) Tutor Training. I2O offers literacy organizations the ability to provide tutor training "on demand" and potential volunteers can complete the workshops on their own schedules.

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40%of low-skilled Americans
have earnings in the bottom

fifth of the wage spectrum

On average, a
High School Graduate Lives 6 to 9yrs

longer than a dropout

In the last 30yrs
workers without a High School
Degree experienced an

18.5% decline in real earnings

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Resources and Stories

2020 Census: Pledge To Be Counted

An accurate count in the 2020 Census is vital to our families, our communities, and to the adult learners supported by our literacy programs.

ProLiteracy says:

The census determines how $800 billion annually is spent on programs affecting schools, housing, health care, and much more. The census will determine these allocations for the next 10 years.

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How Brains Learn to Read

"What is dyslexia?: an interview with neuroscientist Guinevere Eden" offers some fascinating research about how our brains learn to read, and what could be happening in the brains of those with dyslexia. Though referencing findings with children, we know that people do not outgrow their learning disabilities, so there is great relevance to our work with adult learners.


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Welcome to Literacy New York

22% percent of New York State residents suffer needlessly from low literacy, severely limiting their quality of life and often leading to unemployment, poverty, health issues, and even incarceration.

We are here to help.

Literacy New York was founded on a vision and mission to serve adults and families most in need of literacy services.
Specifically, the Literacy New York mission is to lead and support adult literacy initiatives through:
  • Enhancing the capacity of providers
  • Engaging volunteers in service
  • Creating public awareness and
  • Building more literate communities
The overarching vision that drives all of our work is that:
Literacy leads to all individuals, families, and communities reaching their full potential.
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