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Building Literate Communities

In NYS, there are over

3.4 Million

Individuals who lack their HS Diploma, English
language proficiency, or both

News & Events

    March 18, 2020
    Literacy New York Extends Deadlines on RFPs

    In light of recent events, we have decided to extend the deadline to receive submissions in response to our active Requests for Proposals. Please return any documents by April 20, 2020. Thank you. Contact Kathy Houghton at khoughton@literacynewyork.org with questions.

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    March 2, 2020
    Literacy New York RFPs for Services

    Literacy New York has two open RFPs, one for a Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and one for tax preparation and audit services. If your organization is interested in applying, please email Kathy Houghton at khoughton@literacynewyork.org for an application.

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    February 28, 2020
    Janice Cuddahee Fund Update

    As shared earlier, Literacy New York launched the Janice Cuddahee Fund application for tutor training workshops in January. We are excited to report that we have made our first award this month! Brooklyn Public Library in New York City applied for tutor training workshops in math for their established group of volunteer literacy tutors.

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40%of low-skilled Americans
have earnings in the bottom

fifth of the wage spectrum

On average, a
High School Graduate Lives 6 to 9yrs

longer than a dropout

In the last 30yrs
workers without a High School
Degree experienced an

18.5% decline in real earnings

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Resources and Stories

Temporary Guidance: ALE Funded Programs

Please find guidance for ALE funded programs in this powerpoint from the NYS Education Department.

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N.Y.S. Education Department Provides Temporary COVID-19 Guidance

The New York State Education Department has provided guidance to funded Adult Education Programs, which include the providers funded by Adult Literacy Education (ALE) funding. Our intent is to keep our students engaged and learning during this time of social distancing-- stay well, everyone!

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Welcome to Literacy New York

22% percent of New York State residents suffer needlessly from low literacy, severely limiting their quality of life and often leading to unemployment, poverty, health issues, and even incarceration.

We are here to help.

Literacy New York was founded on a vision and mission to serve adults and families most in need of literacy services.
Specifically, the Literacy New York mission is to lead and support adult literacy initiatives through:
  • Enhancing the capacity of providers
  • Engaging volunteers in service
  • Creating public awareness and
  • Building more literate communities
The overarching vision that drives all of our work is that:
Literacy leads to all individuals, families, and communities reaching their full potential.
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