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The number of people unable to read in this county is staggering!

It's been very eye opening for me to see how someone from the same city as me can lead such a different life because they didn't have access to the same opportunities I did.

I have learned so much; first of all, tolerance for people different than ourselves...

A very rewarding event was helping my student prepare for her citizenship test, going with her, seeing her beaming smile as she emerged having been given her citizenship and attending her swearing in ceremony.

It has made me feel like retirement is not just what I can do for me but how I can give of myself also.

I appreciate the gift of reading more than before because I have never had difficulty reading, so to learn of how the inability to read has affected another adult's life is sobering...

My world is larger.

I have helped people expand their horizons.

Tutoring has made a difference in my own family in that they are more accepting of others and now volunteering at various organizations themselves.

My children often went with me to tutor, and I think they have developed a breadth of experience with people of other races/backgrounds that has helped them to interact with people different from themselves.

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