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After five years of tutoring Hattie Conner believes she has found her destiny.

 LV Tutor Finds Her Calling

After five years of tutoring Hattie Conner believes she has found her destiny. Tutoring is something she takes deep pride in. On any given Monday afternoon you can find Hattie meeting with her two students at the Harvest Court in Williamson. Here there is a sense of structure and direction that Hattie imparts in her lessons. Her students read books together, take tests on those books and write reports. 


Sometimes she "plays tricks" on them with surprise puzzle and spelling activities. Hattie constantly seeks to challenge. Regular activities include her calling out a letter of the alphabet for which a word must be written or having them change words by adding different endings. Hattie often uses fill-in-the-blank exercises for review. Hattie's tutoring is just one aspect of a busy life. Four days a week she volunteers through the Foster Grandparent Program at Huron Headstart with three-year-olds. During the summer she helps young people with a variety of activities at the Alasa Academy. A member of WARE and the Christian Fellowship, she also is president of the Hands of Unity helping people in need through efforts like dinners and Christmas gifts. 


Married and a life-long resident of Sodus, Hattie worked for twenty-nine years at IEC in Newark as an inspector. Hattie never missed a day of work, a reflection of the commitment she now brings to tutoring. She also raised three children who still live in the area. Her career with Literacy Volunteers started after leaving IEC when she saw an item in the Pennysaver advertising a tutor training. Why not do it, she thought. Someone might need her help.  

Hattie Conner