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Regional Adult Education Networks

Literacy New York is funded by the NYS Education Department to operate two Regional Adult Education Networks (RAENs), one supporting adult education programs in Western NY and the other supporting programs in the NYS Capital District and North Country. The RAENs are charged with the planning and implementation of high quality, research-based professional development for the field of adult education.

Cody Netzband

[email protected]

Cody Netzband is the Director of the Capital North RAEN.

Ann Marie Przybyl

[email protected].

Ann Marie Przybyl is the Director of the Western NY RAEN.

The goal of the RAEN system is to provide research-based professional development resources to improve the skills of adult education practitioners and the quality of the adult education, family literacy and workforce development programs funded by NYSED.

RAENs provide professional development to school and BOCES based adult education providers conforming to the National Reporting Systems (NRS) accountability system. Professional development is provided in: accountability, network building, digital literacy and distance learning, Learning to Achieve, Literacy Zones, and assessment to improve practitioners' skills in order to meet or exceed statewide benchmarks on core indicators

RAENs serve as a complement to the capacity building services that Literacy New York delivers to community based literacy providers. RAENs work directly with staff of these organizations, ensuring that all staff have the highest quality training and certification available, resulting in expert adult literacy practitioners.