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Trillions Lost in U.S. Due to Adult Literacy Rates

New Economic Study Finds the U.S. Could Be Losing $2.2 Trillion Annually Due to Low Adult Literacy Rates

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy just released this report that shows the impact of adult literacy on the U.S. economy. This report underscores the importance of basic skills education and the work of adult literacy providers, like those supported by Adult Literacy Education funding in New York State.

"Eradicating illiteracy would not solve every problem, but it would help make substantial progress in reducing inequality in the long-term and give a much-needed boost to local and regional economies throughout the country," says Dr. Jonathan Rothwell, Gallup's Principal Economist.

With more than half of adults in the United States reading below the equivalent of a 6th grade reading level (US Dept. of Education), literacy programs need support and funding now more than ever.