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The Power of PSAs

I had forgotten all about it until I saw the MTV series I Love the 80s (it was called something like that) and it was in the episode from 1980.

My passion for adult literacy was always a mystery to me. As busy as I was, and as much of a crazy party girl I was at the time, as soon as I turned 18 and was old enough, I took the tutor training class. I continued to volunteer/work in the field but never realized that I would be able to make a career of it, even though that was my dream.

The path was twisted and slippery, but here I am today, working in the field, with lots of stories to tell. They will be coming in the next few weeks and let me tell you there is some spicy stuff! To Be Continued...

Here is the PSA that started it all:


And...here is another PSA I came across during my search: