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Holiday Season 2016-2017

Happy Holidays from Literacy New York!

Thank you for your support during 2016 as we renewed our passion and commitment for adult literacy. And what better year was there to focus on adult literacy than 2016? The election provoked thought and discourse—and spurred some folks into action. More than ever before, our partner providers saw new students who were finally ready to address their literacy issues, because they wanted to engage in the political process. That was a beautiful thing to see...and we saw that for true Democracy to be in place, there must be literacy.

As the year ends, however, we are eager to move into 2017. We have some exciting new plans that will help our partner providers maximize the good work they do. We plan to keep our new website fresh and up to date, so please check back often to see what is new. 

We leave you with a happy story—a submission from guest blogger Tracy D. who has been a Literacy Volunteer since the late 1980s:

From 1994-2004, I tutored a man named Morgan. He had never read a book when we first started meeting. We read his first book together—Carrie by Stephen King. His choice! We read several more Stephen King books then and even wrote to him a few times. I tutored him for so long because I adored him (our length of tutoring time is abnormal). We have been out of touch since about 2006...until the other day when we met for dinner! It was wonderful to see him, and to hear him talk about all the reading he now does—thanks to what was then called Literacy Volunteers. Reading changed his life. As volunteers, our impact can be profound.

On behalf of LNY: Here's to a great 2017!