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We Help Executive Directors

Running a nonprofit organization is no small feat. As a leader steps into his or her role, feelings of anxiety and fear may be overwhelming. 

Executive Directors in Literacy New York's Provider Network are very lucky. They have a go-to source available to them for administrative, programmatic—and moral—support. It wasn't always this way. Years back, new Executive Directors often inherited disastrous situations, showing up on their first day to discover that there was no money left—or that all the staff had quit—or that complex paperwork was due that very day. 

Fortunately, Literacy New York realized that they could make a huge difference by helping new Executive Directors (EDs) tackle their positions with excitement and efficiency. They set up a process, created a manual and gathered experienced EDs and made them available day and night. This system has helped many EDs and in the end, facilitated smooth transitions that ultimately served adult learners and tutors well.